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Latex error

I write math stuff with Latex. Normally I can type in an expression, highlight it, press the equation editor, and it will get the expression right. Lately, I've been getting some errors that look okay in the equation editor, but wrong on the page. 

I type 





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I'm having the same issue. Things look fine on my end from a content creation of even previewing standpoint, but when students access the content, they see similar content problems.

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Just in case you are still having this issue, try turning off your ad blocker if you have one. I had uBlock running and there must have been an update recently that is now making it block these images.

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Can you show a screenshot of how it looks on the page after leaving the equation editor?  Also, can you do another screenshot with the HTML editor turned on? 

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Our Math department is seeing a lot of issues with the equation editor and it is making exams/quizzes a mess and I cannot help them.  Today is the Math Processing error when students were taking quizzes. Seriously, what is going on and how do we fix it, CANVAS???? Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 9.58.27 AM.png

Indeed, I noticed this problem raised its ugly head again yesterday (Dec 2). It seems to be related to the problems caused by the introduction of MathJax. The problem had been resolved about a week or two ago. It’s back.

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This equation display problem has nothing to do with ad blockers. Basic code used to build equations is being inflated to many, many lines for MathJax. Look at the html.

What I just learned from our campus admin via CSM was that if any quizzes were created in that plus or minus two days from when that disastrous MathJax code was released around October 17th - that's where our problems are stemming from it would seem.

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This was the situation earlier, in that there were problems with quizzes created in that  time window.

But I think the" plus or minus two day" window has now appeared with quizzes created or edited around Dec. 2. 

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Has anyone else had issues with this recently?  Students are receiving this error in our Stats course.  We did not have this problem last semester but this semester, students are seeing the [Math Processing Error].