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Middle School Lit?

I am new to education.  I need help putting together a syllabus for middle school literature - can anyone help me in that?

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Hey Marcus - there is a PLETHORA of resources out there for educators online.

First, in what state are you teaching and/or Region ESC??


I've taught 20+ years 8th grade through College level.

Currently teaching 9-12 in Texas very small district . 

Common Lit is a good place to start, but your state should have an agency that provides materials if you currently are without textbooks.

I'm Robin - brand new to Canvas.

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That can be such a fun age.

First, check with your school/district/state standards.  See what you are expected/required to cover.  Also get sample reading lists with other teachers nearby.  No need to reinvent a curriculum if a perfectly good one exists already.

Also, it's my experience that middle school students can struggle with abstract thought, but they love to debate and argue.  This is a great time to introduce them to classic and current essays on all kinds of topics.  They will enjoy entering the debates, and this is the time to teach them to write thesis-driven essays on their own.