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New Quiz Trouble

I created a New Quiz type quiz and made sure it was published and the module I want to place it in is published as well.  I read elsewhere on these forums that New Quizzes would show up in the Assignments section of the Assignment Selector when trying to add it to a module.  I made sure that the Assignment Group was classified as Assignment when creating the quiz.  After doing all of this, when I go to add this New Quiz to my chosen module it does not show up in the Assignments section, or the in the Quiz section at all.  It is no where to be found.  Any ideas on how to get my New Quiz into my module?

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I have the same problem too!

The Canvas chat system seems totally overloaded too!

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I have been able to classify the new quiz as a Migrated Assignment and that seems to be doing the trick and making it show up in the list.

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