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New Quizzes Scores not Updating after grading short answer questions

I gave an exam in my class and it had 4 short answer questions at the end. Usually when I grade these and press update, the gradebook updates as well, however, with this one, I can see the updated score in Speed Grader, but the gradebook does not update. Suggestions?

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I had this problem and I discovered that my student had two entries for the quiz.  I could not figure out how to delete the blank submission so I literally had to grade it before the grade was shown in my gradebook.   In another class, the student made an entry to the assignment after I graded it and I had to go back in, delete the grade and re-enter it.  Not sure if either of these will apply, but this is why a few of my grades were not showing in the gradebook.  

Surveyor II

I'm running into the same problem.  Not sure what's different about this quiz versus the two earlier in the semester.  Even in speedgrader, I can grade the questions, hit the update button, and see that the student's grade isn't being updated.

Canvas can be so frustrating 😛

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