New Rich Content Editor is TERRIBLE

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Can't find any other way to provide feedback. Whoever designed this should be fired. I can't see that there is any new functionality, but I have found that functionality that was in the old RCE has been removed. Not sure why anyone thought a change was necessary. It's definitely BROKEN now. Canvas should revert to the old editor.

Here are some complaints based on recent attempts to use.

1) The old indent button could be clicked multiple times. Each time it would add an additional indent. The new RCE severely restricts indenting capability and in my opinion is useless. The only way I have found to control indents is to work in raw HTML.

2). In the past I have used Canvas files to store images and content. I used a folder hierarchy to store and find stuff. The new document and image embed features make no use of this. They only provide a single flat list. I have hundreds of images/documents. The new functionality makes it really difficult to access stored content.

3) I tried formatting a page today that had several indented blocks each with different formatting. I quickly gave up doing in the RCE. Next I tried an HTML editor. I got what I wanted but when I pasted it into the new RCE, the HTML was reformatted destroying the markup. My final solution was to do it in Word and embed the Word document - a less than idea presentation from the students' perspective.

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