New admin-lovin' feature request - now open for voting!

Community Champion

Hey fellow Admins,

I've heard a few conversations about this common annoyance before but don't know that it's been presented as a feature request. Well, here it is.

If you're like us, you manually create Canvas courses all the time. Sandboxes, sites for organizations, faculty consortia, special events, etc. As you know, when you create a class, you then have to enter the name of the new course into the search box to find it to add people. Wouldn't it be great if that pop-up box that lets us know that the course was created was actually a link to that course? Yes, yes it would. Especially if you (like me) have created a course and IMMEDIATELY forgotten what you named it. We don't need that frustration, we're admins, we have enough problems. Let's push this through!

Happy admin-y day!


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