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Observers not able to see their students ins some courses

I have just created a course (last one of several for the year) and added all my students who are also part of the aforementioned courses. Parents are able to observe their children in all the courses except the new one. I can't find out why or how to fix it.

Is there perhaps a limit to the number of courses a parent/observer can observe?

We are using the K12 Free For Teacher version.

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I've just had the same issue.

I'd only made the course live 24-36 hours earlier and 1 sole observer is listed in the people section.

I did notice that my course settings had its visibility as 'Institution' - so I switched it to 'Course' to see if that does anything, Since then, the list is slowly changing as they access the course (or maybe when the student accesses in - I'm not sure).

Hope this helps.