Office365 Cloud assignments work for some but not others

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I teach 3rd grade, so it is essential that the submission process is simplified to the level. I was so excited to see that the students could now edit Word Documents and PowerPoints directly on the assignment page. Even better- they could submit it there too. I tested it out with another teacher and we eagerly set up assignments with the interactive PowerPoints we spent a lot of money on. 

Unfortunately, the external tool doesn't load for some students- and there doesn't seem to be a consistent cause. I thought maybe it was the operating system, but it worked just fine with Macbooks. I made sure all the students were using the correct browser. I made sure all students went into Office365 and signed in. I made sure there were no updates that were needed, and even showed them how to check the site setting and permissions (their parents helped them with this). And still- it seems about 1/3 of the class cannot get the assignment to load. The load icon just keeps circling- and will continue for hours (we tested it). I am beyond frustrated as there is no easy way for students to edit an individual PowerPoint without remembering how to save a copy, enable editing, upload the completed assignment (if they can remember where they saved it), and then submit it. 

I really hope someone has an answer to this because I have tried everything!