Opening LTI in new tab: Javascript?

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I'm currently setting up an Ares LTI (course reserves) in Canvas and am wondering if there is a way to force it to open in a new tab instead of the frame. Apparently the tool has some links that will produce errors when accessed from a frame.

It's not an issue in our Blackboard LMS since we can choose how to open the LTI.  While it might be possible to set it up as an external tool in a module and check the box for 'open link in new tab,' the goal is to have it in the course navigation.

I was trying to tackle the issue with javascript by using $("[href*='/external_tools/92']").prop('target', '_blank');,  but it opens a new tab with the LTI loaded inside of canvas. Does anyone have any idea how to force the tool to open in a new tab?


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It's a month late but I wanted to follow up in case anyone stumbles on this later. The Redirect Tool wasn't an option for me because it didn't retransmit the necessary parameters to the LTI I was trying to launch. However, the original issue of external links not loading correctly in the iFrame was the fault of the Ares version/configuration. Once they fix it on their end it will work fine without needing to launch a new tab.

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