PowerSchool integration feature request

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If Canvas can send late and excused flags on assignments to PowerSchool, why in the world can it not send "missing" flags? This makes it very difficult to run reports for missing homework, because you could flag stuff as missing in PowerSchool after it imports from Canvas, but when the sync runs it will delete all of your flags. I would assume that the same snippet of code used for the "late" and "excused" flags could be used to send the "missing" flag over to PowerSchool, so why is this not happening?

While I'm here, it would be nice to be able to apply more than one flag (late and missing, for example), and to be able to flag "absent" like you can in PowerSchool (which helps me keep track of whose homework is late and who has an extension due to absence).   This is my first semester using the Canvas/PowerSchool integration, and will be my last unless this changes. It is making it harder for me to keep parents in the loop because they only have access to PowerSchool, not Canvas.

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