Quiz Timer and Question List Does Not Scroll with Quiz

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We just switched to the new UI and we are now getting reports that the Quiz Timer and Question List for quizzes when all questions are delivered together is not scrolling as the student scrolls down the page answering questions.

This issue is in all browsers on all platforms except for Firefox. Currently in the new UI if you are using Firefox the timer and question list will stay with you as you scroll down he page to answer the next question. In the other browsers you must scroll back to the top of the page to see the timer and then scroll back down to the question you are answering.


We were able to replicate this issue on both Mac and Windows machines and in various browsers. Again, the only browser working as it did in the old UI (the timer and question list moves down the page as questions are answered) is Firefox.

Is anyone else receiving reports of this issue?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hi, Susan,

I looked into this behavior and it seems it's actually intended by our UI team as a bug fix in this release, added to Canvas Beta Release Notes (2016-05-23)​. I've posted an explanation in the comments there, but basically the sidebar is causing several concerns in both the new and legacy UI, and once everyone is off the legacy UI, the team will be able to clean up the code and bring back the sidebar scrolling. We apologize for the change in functionality but sounds like it's only temporary.

Hope that helps!


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