Quiz images loading for most, but not all, students.

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I had about 90 students in multiple sections take a quiz yesterday. The quiz includes a few images that are linked in. Two students reported that the images would not load. Where the image should appear in a quiz question, there was nothing but the file name (Q1.jpg, Q2.jpg, etc.). One sent me a screenshot so I could see this.

I have read here and elsewhere that sometimes the images don't load due to various issues, but in every case I've seen - it's either all or none. The images loaded correctly for all students or for no students. Again, in my case they loaded for everyone but these two students.

Also note that the students' activity logs show that the images were accessed, and it appears that Canvas worked properly for them. Of course, the images load properly when I look at their quiz in speedgrader, too.

Any ideas? Thanks!