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Quizzes: Adding custom numbers / names to questions

For anybody who may be interested, I have developed a small javascript snippet that will allow you to add your own question numbers to quiz questions (useful for grouped questions with different answer types i.e. Question 1(a) multiple choice, Question 1(b) essay). I have copied my code below with instructions on how to use the code.

  1. Copy and paste the code into your custom javascript file.
  2. Add <p class="custom_name">CUSTOM QUESTION NUMBER HERE</p> to any question (in HTML view)

If you are going to use this code, please test it on your test site first and at your own risk.

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UPDATE: I have done some more testing and this will not work on quizzes set to show one question at a time. It works well on all questions on the same page though, and even the question list on the right is updated and the question markers and screen reader text still work. I haven't tried this on mobile yet but suspect it should work the same as it is the same page loaded.