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Saving Daily Due Times for Different Sections

I teach a course with three different sections each day, and we follow a consistent schedule throughout the week. That means that when I say, "This is due tomorrow at the start of class," it's due at the same time each day depending on what section the student is in. 

As of now, it doesn't seem like Canvas can save your "default" due times for each section. I think this is because the "Due" box when you're making a Canvas assignment does not separate date and time. Does anyone know a workaround so that I don't need to type in a different due time for each of my sections every day?

Or if there isn't a workaround, can we upvote this and ask Canvas developers to separate date and time designations when making an assignment so that you can have "default" due times for each class, but change the date for each assignment? 

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Hi @apiland 

The only workaround I know of would be to duplicate an existing assignment, then edit the instructions. You could create a dummy assignment for each section and keep it unpublished, and duplicate that assignment.  I typically do this in all of my online courses not even needing the three different sections.  It saves time setting up all other details and I even have some text that is duplicated on each page.