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Setting unsubmitted assignments as missing

When I look at my canvas gradebook, I see many students with either a "0" or a "-" for their grade.  Is there a way to set all of those to "missing" without having to do each student and assignment individually?

I already know how to set up the late policy to automatically enter non-submissions as "0" ...but it hasn't always been working.  I just want to be able to set stuff as missing without taking 2 hours to go through all the student's assignments individually.

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Hi lastillwell429, 

I don't think you can use the late policy tool to apply a late grade and also have it automatically mark assignments as Missing.  The late policy is identifying the assignment as missing, but per your settings, it is assigning a grade for being late instead of marking it as missing. 

I don't use a late policy and any assignments students don't complete by the due date are marked as missing.  I've never had an issue. 

Perhaps others with more experience with the Late Policy tool will chime in. 

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