Size limit on ePortfolio Download?

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I have an instructor at my institution that is attempting to have all students who complete a program download their ePortfolio. Some students, at least 2 confirmed, begin the download process but it never completes; status bar begins, gets about 3/4 of the way and then it is as if the webpage times out and the download doesn't finish (even after more than an hour). I, an admin, have assumed the student's role in Canvas and attempted to download the ePortfolio on different browsers without any success.

Is there a size limit on the download? Have you had experience with this?

Thanks for any input you may be able to provide!

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Here is what I heard from Canvas Support as of 3/2/16:

     It looks like what is causing these two ePortfolios to fail is due to a problem that our engineers are currently addressing. The root cause of this, is any ePortfolio with a blank page (Blank Welcome page, or a completely empty page) on the right hand side causes the download to fail.

      I deleted blank pages for both students in beta, and confirmed that this allowed the portfolios to download without any problems. That is a workaround      that the students can use, but in regards to the blank pages, I'm going to escalate this situation to our support staff. That way they can troubleshoot      further.

I hope this can help someone else!

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