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Speedgrader only shows a few students out of the 109 students in class

I have 10 sections of 8th grade language arts classes...5 brick and mortar and 5 elearners...and each B&M has a blended elearner section....5 class period...all combined into one "course". 109 students.

Speedgrader always worked great for the first 9 weeks...recently over the past couple of weeks, when online students submit assignments, I can see they are there in gradebook, but when I go into speedgrader (either by specific section OR the whole group of 109) it only shows a portion of the group I am looking at. In my first period class, for example, which has 18 elearners, maybe 5 show up altogether in SG, and not all of the students who have submitted work.

I have looked at all of the filters I know how to adjust and this does not seem to be the what is causing this.

Any suggestions would be helpful as I don't know another way to look at student submissions other than through Speedgrader.

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Hi TerryBigelow, 

One suggestion might be that you have accidentally set it to show students by section instead of all students.  That happened to me once and it took a while to figure out. At the time, I didn't know I had that option.  Once I did, it was actually nice to be able to grade students' work by section instead of all in one big group. See the linked guide. 

How do I use the student list to view student submissions in SpeedGrader?

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