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I have 3 videos recorded in Studio.  I need help attaching them to my courses.

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I can help with that! I love Canvas Studio!

You can add a video anywhere you see the rich content editor. a page, a discussion, an announcement, etc. Simply create your page > edit> and look for the icon that looks like an electrical outlet. From there select "Studio" and the last video you recorded will be your first selection. Save and you are done.

Heres a guide on that also:


Best,  : )   Heather

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I'm sorry you feel this way. I can assure you I'm very experienced with Studio. I did share the guide with you above. If your school has not upgraded to the "new rich content editor", its possible that you have a different icon available to you. The icon is either a "blue v" or an "electrical plug". Both icons are shown in that guide. I'm glad you daughter was able to help you.

There are more guides available to you on Studio for future use here:

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