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Test is worth 50 points, Canvas gradebook shows it is out of 100

Hi everyone

Today I have an exam and many students are emailing me complaints saying that there is score is out of 100 points when it is actually out of 50. So a student actually has a 45/50, their Canvas gradebook is saying 45/100. I have to go in there an manually double the score.  Is there a reason why Canvas is doing this? I cannot go in there and double everyone's score when the Test I made is explicitly worth 50 points--it did not translate to the gradebook for some reason.


Please see attachments below


Test 04 that I made is out of 50 points





Canvas gradebook says Test 04 is out of 100 (so I have to double each score manually)









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Hi vijayantharam, 

In looking at the image showing your quiz questions, it does look like something is wrong.  You have a question group picking 25 questions worth 2 points each and you also have more questions below it. So at the very least I can see 54 points.  The question group has an error message that it is pulling more questions from the group than exist.  So based on what you've shown, it does look like you've set it up with more than 50 questions worth two points each.  Perhaps the error is preventing any of the questions from the group from being shown. 

I would delete the group questions and see what happens. Or just double the points this time and fix the error for next year.