Troubleshooting technical issues for students.

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What is the process needed to troubleshoot technical issues for students' needs, such as resetting passwords, downloads, etc.  I know teachers can reset student passwords (at least I think we can), but I have not idea how to troubleshoot other issues.

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@BrantBreeding ...

Resetting passwords isn't an option that all teachers at all schools can do.  Many schools do not let instructors reset their Student Information System (SIS) is connected to Canvas.  So, the SIS handles the password changes...not the instructor.

What is your role at your school?  If you are not a Canvas administrator at your school, you might want to have a conversation with the folks who are at your campus?  They may have a process in place for getting support with Canvas.  For example, when I worked at a College in Wisconsin, we had Tier 1 support from Instructure (the company that makes Canvas).  Instructors/Students/Canvas admins were able to call their Help Desk 24/7 for help with Canvas questions.  If their Help Desk wasn't able to answer the questions, then users were directed to my department.  In my current position at a College in Michgan, we don't have this same level of support, so calls/support first come to my department.  If needed, I can contact the Canvas Help Desk team on the user's behalf to hopefully find a solution.

I'd highly recommend having a conversation with your school's Canvas administrator to find out exactly what kind of support options your school has.  Good luck to youi!

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