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Trying to collect user info from folks that access a page in Canvas

I know there isn't an official way to do this, but I thought I would try.

I have a need to securely collect information about the students who visit a page to get their daily Zoom meeting passcode.  I know there are alternatives to Zoom, so please leave that be for the time being.

I see that we can edit HTML, and I imagine other code, in the rich content editor.  I want to find a way to do the following:

students visit page to get Zoom passcode

Students have to enter their names and their email addresses to get them

code automatically spins this information into a form someplace that I can access

Said data generates an email with the daily passcode and sends it automatically


The goal here is to reduce the likelihood of future zoombomb attacks.  I had a rather hideous one today and had to shut down a class.

Any ideas?

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I would not suggest going to all that trouble.  I would suggest starting with everyone in a waiting room, so you can manage who is allowed to attend.  That way you can also constantly mute any student you don't know.

Also, it is a good idea on the first day to have your students send you their "screen identity" ahead of time, so that if a student uses someone else's electronics, ie: parent, sibling, or friend" that you know ahead of time the id's to accept.  Then all others can be remuted or refused.

Hope this helps.


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I already do that.  The kids were crafty.  They shared the information on twitter and then got flooded with names of kids that belong in the class.  They even cloned one of the instructional coaches who were in the class.  it was insane.


So it doesn't help to leave them in the waiting room.  All at once I am taking roll call, documenting who shows up, on and on.  I need a way to record their email addresses and automatically send them the passcode and to do it through canvas.  That way, at least, they have to be in the district network, and that makes it a lot easier to narrow down who had the information and may have shared it.

Sorry you are having such a problem.  May I ask out of curiosity what grade and district you work in?


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Charleston County School District in Charleston, South Carolina.