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UI Updated Features in Production release for this Saturday, January 9, 2016

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Hi all,

Since the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2015-12-28), which will be in place this Saturday, our beta instance doesn't work as expected. For some reason when I use the Theme Editor to pick colors when I click the Preview button the colors revert back to the originals but when I apply the changes the colors I picked are in place. I have tried in three different browsers in my PC and two different browsers in my Mac and still the same result, colors don't stick. Very weird!

I have worked with our Canvas rep for days and we cannot figure out why this is happening for us in Beta but not in Test. Since this doesn't happen to him he suggested doing the changes from outside our firewall to make sure it was not something in our firewall. When I tested last night from home I got the same results I got when I did it in my office.

I was wondering if any of you admins could try changing colors in your beta instance and let me know if your colors stick after clicking the Preview button.

I very much appreciate your time,

Leris Hambleton

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Do you have the High Contrast Styles feature enabled on your account?

See this discussion: New Ui and High Contrast Styles

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I'm not able to replicate this in my Beta environment, unfortunately. Is there a specific field that it happens to, or is it all of them? Does it happen when you change several fields, or do you also see it when attempting to change a single one? Does it matter what color is chosen (I know this sounds dumb, but you never know!), maybe there is an issue with that specific hex value?

In my testing, I only altered the Primary Color field. I tested using both a manually entered hex code, and also tried using the color selector. I'd be happy to test some more for you if you want to give me a step by step of your process?

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Hi Jacci, thanks so much for testing for us. I have done all kind of testing we can think of with our rep and we cannot get the colors we pick to show even though they are saved and applied.

At this point I am going to wait until the upgrade is applied on Saturday, and the test and beta instance are cloned, and then test again and if the colors still don't show I will open a ticket with Canvas Support.

Have a great Friday!

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I had instances this past Monday when I would lose my colors and other branding in Safari when I would upload an updated CSS file.   Once I switched over to Firefox, the issue seemed to go away.   If you're using custom CSS/JS, could you try not using those files and see if the colors will stick once previewed and applied (if you haven't already)?

HI Mark,

Thanks for your comments.

I have not uploaded any CSS file (I checked just to make sure) so in my case that is not the issue. I just tested again using Firefox and the same results, the colors I picked get overridden by the original colors after I click the Preview icon but the colors show when I save the changes I made.

This is so weird!

Thanks for your comments.

Do you have the High Contrast Styles feature enabled on your account?

See this discussion: New Ui and High Contrast Styles

Hi Mark,

i checked and I did have it enabled so I disabled it and the colors stick now. Thank you so much for asking. I will have a good weekend Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Wonderful!   Glad I could be of help. Smiley Happy