Unpublish assignments

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I copied my course over from last semester. Fall semester is over so all the due dates etc and enrolled students are gone. I know I copied it correctly. 

BUT - about 30% of my assignments came over will not unpublish NO matter what I do. It tells me the grading period for that assignment has ended and functions are disabled. 

Ok - but why did 70 % of my assignments come over just fine? I have already reused some and made due dates etc.

I didnt realize it until a student asked today about the assignment - which I do at about week 5! They can see them!  When I click on the speed grader on that assignment that I dont want published, it is assigned to my current students - so it is not like it has submissions. There are no submissions - YET. 

Please tell me I can delete these or something? Why would only 30% come over like this?