Upload Media Recording and File Upload Simultaneously

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Does anyone know of a way for students to upload their file submissions in multiple modes simultaneously?  Specifically, I'm asking if there is a way that my students can submit their assignment in two parts, one as a File Upload and the other as a Media Recording.  In this case it would be a photo file (png or jpeg) for the File Upload, and mp3 for the Media Recording as a single submission.

Previously, I've been able to have students submit both parts as a File Upload, but when using Speed Grader this way I am forced to download each mp3 and open it in iTunes to listen to it. This isn't the worst thing to do, but it gets annoying to have a few extra steps especially when multiplied by a handful of students.  I would much rather use the Media Recording submission option for the mp3 because of the embedded media player in Speed Grader. The problem is when attempting to upload both file types in student view, one as a File Upload and the other as a Media Recording, and while it appears to accept both uploads on the submission prompt, only one of the two items is accepted after I click Submit Assignment.

Any thoughts on this?

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