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Using Canvas to Empower Students: If They Build It, They Will Learn



Q: How can I motivate and empower my students using the tools in Canvas?

A: By asking or requiring them to use tools that empower them as they contribute to the course content and to their own learning.

In this session we are going to look at ways to allow and even require students to use Canvas tools to invest them in their own learning, to help them build their own learning, and to be empowered to actively direct their learning paths.

Specifically we will look at ways for students to:

  • contribute to course content using discussions
  • facilitate discussions
  • create content pages
  • create video content
  • create study guides
  • contribute to quiz questions
  • share files, create content, generate discussions, and so on, using groups
  • create content outside of Canvas to be incorporated into the class


Participants will come away from this sessions aware that when students are given opportunities to own their learning, to create content, to create lessons, to create assessments, and to teach each other, they move from being passive recipients to active learners who are active in their own learning and the learning of their peers.

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Here is the webinar link:

The session will begin at 12:00 CDT; you may enter the session :15 before.

The presentation will take place using Canvas as a presentation tool. The public course URL is Using Canvas to Empower Students

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (the presenter):

Laura Lawrence

Director, Instructional Professional Development

Teaching with Technology

Northwest Vista College

3535 N. Ellison Dr., MZH 204M

San Antonio, TX 78251

Ph: 210-486-4850


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Thanks llawrence10​ - Looking forward to the session! Smiley Happy

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If the webinar link doesn't work for you, please just click the course link instead and join the BB Collaborate session from there.

Webinar link:

Course link: Using Canvas to Empower Students

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Instructure Alumni

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Whoo Hoo! Thanks for allowing me to share some ideas. Anyone who wants to view the presentation materials at any time may do so by click the course link shown above.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Smiley Happy