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Weird Issue with Speedgrader

Hello all, 
I've been having an issue in Canvas for the past 24 hours. I figured I'd give it a day to see it magically resolved itself (9 out of 10 times it does), but no luck. I also wanted to reach out to you first in case you have any quick suggestions or if it's something obvious that I'm missing. 
So, the first thing to mention is that issue seems to be specific to just one of my assignments. I've gone into others and haven't run into it. When I try to grade a student's Final Exam using SpeedGrader (it's set up as a quiz) one of two things happen. Either it brings me to , to a white page that says "loading". I left this up in a window for over an hour yesterday and it never changed. Or, for some students, when I click on SpeedGrader a red warning box pops up with the following information : "There was an error fetching Submission Comments. An error occurred. Request failed with status code 500". 
I've tried accesses this assignment on three different browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), three different devices (all are Macs as I don't have access to a PC), and the IOS app. I get the same result. 
Is this something you've encountered before, have you gotten any other reports of this, and suggestions/ideas.
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In my experience this sounds like an issue that should be reported to your IT staff so they can report it to Instructure for help.

The only issue I have had with Speedgrader that was similar to this was caused by a browser extension, it was an ad blocker and is a known issue.  So unless you have the same browser extensions and ad-ons on all of the devices you used, which seems unlikely, that's probably not the cause but needed to be mentioned. Also, you should make sure all of those browsers have been updated. 

Can you share what types of questions were on the quiz? Was it a simple  multiple choice and true/false type quiz, or were there more complicated type questions such as a file upload or essay? Is this a new quiz or classic quiz?