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What if the File Upload Quiz Type Allows a Teacher to Check the Uploaded File through SpeedGrader?

I am just airing my "wish" here.  I love the SpeedGrader that allows me to check the submission of my students right there in one place.  There is no need for me to download their files, make annotations, and then upload again so they would be able to see my comments and corrections.  But such is not the case when I use the FILE UPLOAD type of question in a quiz.  It is really a burden to download the students' solutions, check it using another program, and then upload the file again so that my students will view my corrections.  

Can the Canvas designers do something about it?  If it works on assignments, I am sure they can make it happen for quizzes?

What if?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @ederlina_nocon ...

Thanks for posting your comments here.  Unfortunately, this isn't the correct area within the Community to be posting your Feature Idea requests.  You'll want to post this idea by going to the PRODUCT menu at the top of any screen here in the Community site, and then click on IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  On the page that follows, you'll see a red "Suggest an idea" button.  This is where you can create a new idea for people to review and "rate".  Also, it will search for existing ideas that may be similar to what you are wishing which case, you wouldn't need to create a new idea if you found something similar that's already been submitted.

I hope this will be of some help to you, Lynne.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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Did you get your question answered / wish get heard?

I have the same issue and want to bring it up.