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I have been using Canvas as a teacher for years, today was my first attempt to create a test bank.  It says that only have 63 unfiled questions.  I have hundreds of questions in my quizzes, I'm not understanding why they are not in this list.

I'm wanting Canvas to recognize them so that I can create a test bank to choose from as we are working on changes to the courses for next year.

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Hello @GeneSmith 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with locating and using your questions in a test bank. Currently, we have two options for this; New Quizzes that use "Item Banks" and Classic Quizzes that use "Question Banks." Both are similar and serve the same purpose, but with slight procedural differences. If you are using Classic Quizzes, your manually created questions should be within the "Unfiled" folder you are referring to. You should be able to locate them by going to "Find Question" button while creating your quiz - it will populate on the lefthand side. This can vary depending on if the content was brought over from a previous class, imported from Commons, etc. but you should have the questions here. 

If you are completely unable to locate them within your course, we could technically export the quiz and import it back, thus creating the question bank by default. This can be a good work around since it will create the bank based on the entire quiz. Here is the Canvas guide:



Additionally, if you have the Question Bank in another class, we can bring that over this way:


If you have more questions regarding this issue(s) please feel free to respond with descriptive information as to give us a clear insight into the problem.

Lastly, you are encouraged to reach out to us directly via email, chat, or phone to look at this specific issue in depth. Thank you! 

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