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Zoom Scheduling - Same Passcode Same URL?

I'm scheduling Zoom meetings using the integrated app for all my classes. I have used the same passcode for each meeting in all classes. Will that result in the same URL for every class and every meeting or have I done something wrong? Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @CSteelman ...

Every Zoom meeting that you schedule will typically have a unique URL.  In the URL, there is a number...which is the same as the Zoom Meeting ID number.  Even if you have a unique Meeting ID number, I would also recommend that you not use the same passcode (password) every time.  I'd recommend making up a new passcode to keep things a little more secure during your meetings.  Yes, it might be nice to just use one passcode that's easy to remember, but I would recommend you use a different passcode for each scheduled meeting.