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Is there any way to have work still appear in speedgrader when students have turned it in to the new turnitin TLI?  Right now we have the old plugin running and it works perfectly for us.I have JUST gotten my faculty on board with using speedgrader a...

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We will be integrating Canvas with TurnItIn this summer. What issues may crop up during this process? How helpful is TurnItIn support?

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Hi fellow Canvas admins!I'd love to know what LTI/Other integrations people are using with Canvas....both from the App Center and from other vendors who have unlisted LTIs.  We spend so much time going back and forth with vendors about what integrati...

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I'd like to start by saying that this new interface is completely useless. I am looking for a simple answer to the question of why my students cannot seem to see the annotations that I make in speedgrader. I would greatly appreciate an answer to the ...

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