"Let Students See The Correct Answers" also allows them to copy and give answers to others

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I teach Spanish in a community college. I allowed the students two days within which to take the final exam, and apparently one student took the exam on the first day, then copied the exam and gave the answers to others. At first I thought that maybe my tests were somehow being posted online, but when I couldn't locate any such link, I simply tried to copy what the students get to see once they have submitted a test. All I had to do was to highlight the beginning of the test and scroll down, then copy and paste it on a new document. For some reason it did not copy which answers were correct for those the student got right, though it did when there was a wrong answer. But all I had to do was to go back to the screen to see which one was right, then mark it on my new document, and I had the entire test with the correct answers in a matter of minutes. This test was mainly multiple choice, but students also got the exact prompts for ten written sentences. A student has now admitted that he got the answers this way, and that some others did, too. I now see that I can choose on the test to "Show Correct Answers at..." a date after everyone has taken the test, then "Hide Correct Answers at..." the following day if I want. That should prevent cheating in that precise semester, but will not stop someone from copying tests and providing them for future semesters if I happen to use the same tests. So my question for Canvas is: Is there any way that you can make it more difficult for a student to copy a test once they have been shown the answers? I thought they would have to do screenshots and then paste them together, but it is way simpler than that.

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Your Canvas admin at your college should be able to tell you if you have licenses for cheating deterrent software like Proctorio or Lockdown Browser. Those programs disable copying/pasting, among other things. Canvas does not have the native ability to block people from copying/pasting.

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