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How do I edit or delete student discussion replies in a course?

How do I edit or delete student discussion replies in a course?

As an instructor, you have the ability to edit or delete discussion replies within your course. This setting helps you moderate your course and remove any inappropriate or otherwise unwanted posts.

You can also choose to view or hide all deleted replies in a discussion. By default, deleted replies are hidden in a discussion.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Open Discussion

Course Questions

Click the name of a discussion.

Open Reply Options

Open Reply Settings

Locate the reply you want to modify and click the Options icon.

Edit Reply

To edit a student reply, click the Edit link.

Save Edits

Save Edits

Make your edits in the Rich Content Editor [1]. When you are finished, click the Done button [2].

Verify Edit

Verify Edit

Canvas will post a note after the entry that indicates the post has been edited. The text will include your name, and the date and time the post was edited. This entry cannot be removed.

Delete Reply

To delete a student reply, open the Options icon and click the Delete link.

Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete

To delete the entry, click the OK button.

Show Deleted Replies

Show Deleted Replies

To view deleted replies, click the Show button.

You can view deleted replies that have been deleted by the user [1].

A deleted reply will include the name of the user who deleted it, and the date and time the post was deleted.

Note: If a reply is deleted that has received its own reply [2], the deleted reply is never hidden and always shows to all users as being deleted.


Is it possible to delete all the old discussion topics when we clone a new course? As well as announcement, because when cloning the new session, it seems the old discussion boards and announcements will clone to the new class. How do I delete them all instead of delete one by one post? Thanks

Hi @shufent,

You can select specific content when importing a course, which may help you avoid importing discussion topics that you do not want to add to the new course. You can bulk delete announcements from the Announcements page, but discussions can only be deleted individually.


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