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A Find and Replace Function On the Modules Page

Hey folks, I am a school teacher. Recently we had to change part of the name of all of our Modules and the pages within each module. Considering we are in the age of technology I thought it would be fairly straight forward process. However, that was not the case. It was extremely time consuming having to manually paste the new title into the title of our Modules and pages within each module. We simply had to change each from Module 1, Module 2 etc to Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity 2 etc, all the way through our courses. We have many courses each with 32 Modules and many pages within each Module. I had to manually paste over the word Module with Learning Activity in 32 modules and hundreds of pages, just for one course.

How about we get Canvas to make a Find and Replace function for the Modules page? That would have saved me and others lots and lots of time. The job became incredibly arduous. 



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