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Allow students to edit quiz answers?

Hi everyone,

I am using the open source version of Canvas with a research team to manage multi-site very large projects. The only additional feature we are looking for is a way to allow students to edit their quiz answers. Right now, with each attempt, you have to redo all the questions. Is there a plug in or way to allow students to simply edit their previous answers?


Note: I see this is likely available in the New Quizzes, however, this is not part of the open source Canvas yet. I'm happy to hear any ideas how we might do something like this in the open source version or a plug in we might be able to use.

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Thank you. This is really ridiculous. If I have written responses or essays questions they would need to retype their entire answers when it could be only a couple of multiple choice questions they missed. I can't believe that more people are not asking for this with all the multiple attempts we are suppose to give students now.