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Answer in quizzes not toggling or expanding

Hello all

I am trying to write a chemistry test and when I try to "expand" the answer box (toggling editing answer--or the little pencil icon by the inputed answer) --to access their Rich Content Editor to put in equations and such, there is no expansion to the editor. Instead this just takes me back to the beginning of the quiz. 

This has never happened before and it is incredibly frustrating. Please if anyone can help me, I would be greatly appreciative! 


Thank you 

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Hello @vijayantharam , out of curiosity, what type of question are you writing, OR is it happening with all types?


Hello jcarpenter1

Thank you for the response; I am trying to write a subscript, superscript, exponents in my answers. It is a multiple choice type of question.  I have not tried other types of questions. 


I'm assuming you are using Classic Quizzes, since this one has a pencil icon to edit as you're typing answers in.  When I've had something like this happen, I usually close the quiz and then go back in.  

I know that's not a good answer, but that has been my work-around when I've had this happen to me.  It is very frustrating!  

Best of luck!

Thank you jccarpenter1

Its weird but after awhile, it sort of fixed itself. Now I can go and put in exponents, subscripts/ superscripts as part of my answer. It's crazy. Thank you so much ! 🙂