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Canvas changes correct answers from Testbank when adding question to Quiz

I hadn't run into this before, but I've seen this twice in the last 2 weeks now.  I created a new Quiz (old style of quiz) in Canvas and then added some questions from a Testbank that I had used last summer.  When Canvas imported these questions, it changed a bunch of the answers (4 questions on a quiz with 10 questions and 4 on a quiz of 60 questions, and I believe they were all different questions) to be the "first" answer listed, even though that was not the correct answer.  I went back to the Testbank and the answer was correct in the Testbank.  This Testbank was also exported from my summer course and imported into my fall course with all other course materials.  This happened both with a quiz I was reusing from this summer and once with a brand-new quiz I created for the fall course.

I originally imported this Testbank from an online textbook publisher for the textbook that I'm using, so I did not write the questions myself originally.  I do not recall if any of the questions imported with the wrong answers but their plaintext version of the questions has the correct answers.  Unfortunately, I can't re-import the old Testbank as I'm afraid that might overwrite my current questions and I've already made so many changes and fixes to their original content that I'm not going to undo hours of work! 

Regardless of the original Testbank quality, the answer is currently correct in the Canvas Testbank, so when added to a quiz, it should have the correct answer and it does not.

I've searched for this issue and have not seen any similar posts.

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