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Character limit in text box entries

Hi there, 

The only way I can guard against cheating online (without using creepy software) is to require students to write descriptive answers in their own words (where I can check for plagiarism, shared answers etc). (I also have a section of mult choice etc questions drawn randomly from banks etc but students just get together  and share those answers on Discord and I am none the wiser),

BUT - I want to MINIMIZE WHAT THEY WRITE in the text box. I am trying to stop them from driveling on endless rubbish for which they demand part marks. I THINK (but am not sure) there is a limit of 1600 characters? But that is still 200-300 words. Any way I can force shorter, concise answers? TIA.

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Surveyor II


It appears this is a feature in New Quizzes, which I don't seem to have access to to try out.

One option is to include "as a guide, your response should be around 30 words" in the question text. It's not ideal but might minimise the essays!