Dear Teacher/Professor: Automatic Zeros

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Dear Teacher/Professor: 

Let’s be honest, students don’t often notice a missing assignment without some kind of nudge or reminder.  Canvas alerts students to missing assignments, but a glaring “0” score in the Gradebook might be the prompting they need.

However, many educators forget to enter that “missing assignment” zero when they enter gradebook scores, but then a week (or maybe two?) later they go back and fill in the zeroes.  When those zero scores finally make an appearance, it can feel like students come out of the woodwork to address their missing work. Sometimes, that lag may result in lost points or the privilege of submitting the missing assignment(s).

Taking the time to add those zero scores goes a step beyond the automatic labels for any missing assignment in the student’s Grades page. To make it easier on yourself, you can ask Canvas to enter  that zero in the Gradebook if a student does not submit an Online Submission assignment by the due date.  This Canvas guide walks you through creating a missing assignment policy for your course, including entering a zero score (or any score of your choice) for missing assignments. 

Hopefully this little tip helps you leverage Canvas and the Canvas Gradebook to save a little extra time in your day!


The Canvas Training Team

About the Author
After 10 years facing students in a variety of Humanities courses, Alissa is now diving into Canvas Training full time! She earned a BA in History (minor English Language and Literature), BA in Russian Language and Literature from Brigham Young University, and a MAT in Teaching from the University of Southern California. She was the 2016 Teacher of the Year (Cottonwood High School, Salt Lake City, Utah). On her weekends, Alissa's hobbies include reading and playing the harp (Principal Harpist, Johnson City Symphony Orchestra). Alissa's other half is an aspiring attorney about to begin his 3rd (and final!) year at Lincoln Memorial University's Duncan School of Law. They both enjoy a good Saturday of College Football and maybe someday they'll have a garden!