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It is tedious to edit questions in the testbank - too many "edit" buttons

When working on updating or editing (or even creating!) questions in the quiz or testbank, it is so tedious to keep hitting the edit buttons to change the various components.  It is also bad that when you need to save the question, you have to scroll ALL THE WAY down to the bottom of the question, when once you've updated the question, you then have to scroll back up, find that question, and then go to the next question if you're sequentially editing a bunch of questions (like when imported from an external testbank and you need to review each question to make sure it is appropriate for your course, correct, and a well-structured question).  It is also annoying that I can't see the question details for a quiz with more than 25 questions or the testbank if it has more than 40 questions - why????  When this is an optional check-box to begin with, it's not exactly taxing the server to expand.  I would even tolerate a warning that says "this may take a while if there are more than 25 questions" - I would much rather wait minutes to see ALL of the details of ALL of the questions than have to go through each question one at a time when there are many questions.  The whole point of a testbank is to have LOTS of questions to choose from, so why are we penalized when we have a large testbank?

For example, to edit a question in a large testbank, I have to:

- Scroll to find the question (or search for it if I happen to know some of the question text - but I can't search for the answer text, just the question text)

- Click on the tiny little pencil icon to edit the question which isn't even there until I mouse-over the question, leaving a new teacher wondering how to edit questions - why can't I just click anywhere in the question box or the title of the question - which is a link, but doesn't seem to do anything in a quiz but expands the question in the testbank (which is nice) but doesn't fully-expand the question, doesn't show the answers and doesn't show the feedback to the answers - why????

- Then if I'm editing the answer and the feedback to an answer, I have to scroll down past an unnecessarily large question box - which should grow dynamically with the content instead of being HUGE to begin with when there is only a 1-line question in the box

- Then I have to click on the pencil to edit the answer

- Then I have to click on the pencil to edit the feedback

Why do I have to go through at least 5 steps to edit the question.  Once I've elected to edit a question, I should immediately just have everything editable and accessible and no boxes should be larger than the text in the box.

I've used other LMSs and this by far the most tedious process for editing the testbank.

Please improve your UI, it needs significant improvements.  You need to analyze your click-through performance and help teachers get their work done faster - having a bunch of extra clicks and a bunch of pop-up confirmation dialogs makes it more difficult to do our work in an already time-compressed job!



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