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Missing Assignment Notification Not being Removed

After a student turns in a late assignment and I have graded it, Canvas is still marking the assignment as missing and the kids and parents keep freaking out over it.  How do I get it mark the assignment as no longer missing?

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If you have not figured this out yet, you should be able to manually change the assignment from the status of missing to the status of none. When in grades, you should be able to click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the submission. It will open a small window that allows you change the status of the assignment. Hopefully this helps.


Why do I have to do this manually. Shouldn't Canvas just automatically remove the "missing" label when an late assignment has been graded? Why make the teacher go back and remove each one individually? 

I think that if you have "required a submission" but give the student a grade without any  submission, that is why it remains "missing"

JKCO16, EXACTLY! It seems very obvious that all teachers would want the "missing" label to be removed when an assignment is graded. We shouldn't be forced to go remove the label manually. Doing that extra step a couple of times wouldn't be hard, but I have to do it literally hundreds of times. There's no way.