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New Embed on Pages (External Links)

Canvas Bitmoji Embedding Issue (Video showing issue)

I am currently trying to re-attach my Bitmoji HTML code to two of my classes. The file successfully attaches and displays, however the external links are not working on the display. When you hover over the objects, it shows that there is a link available, but it does not automatically go to whichever website on the click. I am literally copying the HTML code from one of my classes where the buttons are working, so it makes no sense that the code is not working in these two specific classes.

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Surveyor II

I am having the EXACT same issue and that is why I am here. I would love an answer!

My links work in the embedded Google Slides in one of my summer courses, but will not work in my current courses. Even using the exact same html embed code.



Exactly. Everything was working perfectly yesterday. But now it seems like Canvas is cutting us off. I really need this resolved before Monday. Even put it into a HTML Code Tester ( and it works perfectly thing. It's definitely an internal Canvas thing


What is even more odd, is that if you are in edit mode, the links still work, but once you hit save, they do not. The only solution I have found is that students would have to right click on the link and "open in a new tab." (Which I do not want them to do because it defeats the whole purpose of having the links easily accessible on the home page.) 

If someone from Canvas can help, I would love to use Zoom or Teams to share my screen and show the problem. 


You literally just said what I just told my Principal word-for-word. I really don't want them to have to right click just to access the links.