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New Quizzes Moderation

Hello.  I have a quiz for which the deadline has passed.  Four students never took the quiz, so there is no attempt next to their names.  One of the four students has an excusable reason for being given the opportunity to take the quiz despite the passed deadline.  How do I reopen the quiz for just this student?  I thought about extending the deadline in the settings, but I do not want the other 3 unexcused students to see the new deadline and now have the opportunity to take the quiz.  Is there another way to do this?

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In case you have not gotten an answer, you can go into the quiz and change who the quiz is assigned to. You can assign the quiz to just the student needing the extra attempt. You can set whatever due date you need for that student; it will not affect the other students; they will still see the original due date. Hopefully this helps.

Great!  Thank you so much!