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New students

My new students see the old assignments as being past due.  They do not need to complete those assignments.  How do I hide those from them without hiding them from the students who are responsible for them?

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What I do when I have this situation is go to the old assignments and change who they are assigned to. It is set to "everyone" by default. However, I assign them only to the original students. Hopefully this helps.

Thank you!!! Great idea!  I'm new to Canvas and get a little overwhelmed sometimes.  It didn't show the full list of students when I tried that, I could only see students who had already completed it, but not ones that should have but hadn't.  Seems like a perfect solution if the full student list showed.

The whole student list is available. If they are not on the "pop-up" list, then you have to start typing the student's name. Then, you can select them for the assignments. Once you take someone off of the pop up list, another student will replace them. Or at least that is what happens when I have big classes. Welcome to Canvas and good luck!