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Page Links sometimes underlined and sometimes changed in color. Why?

When I create links on my page so that my students can download handouts the font sometimes changes to blue and other times underlines in blue.  I read online that there was a similar glitch back in 2019 but didn't see anything recent.  Both ways seem to work but I was hoping to have a consistent blue font change for all links so my students could easily identify a downloadable handout.  I have tried clicking" remove link" and re-linking, I have tried deleting and reentering text - but it seems to be random (sometimes one - sometimes the other).  Any thoughts and/or fixes?


CANVAS weird link thing.png

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @Gizali ...

Normally, all links (no matter the color) should be underlined...whether the link points to another page in your course, a file in your course, or an external website.  They should all be underlined.

Also, maybe not related, but I wonder if your school's local Canvas administrator or your school's Online Learning department has configured the "theme" of your Canvas environment so that hyperlinks appear as a certain color.  For example, you have a light blue left-hand global navigation menu with icons that are red when clicked on.  In this Canvas administrator Guide, How do I create a theme for an account using the T... - Canvas Community, you can see that the theme can be set with specific hex color codes for a variety of things...including links.  Sometimes, after a link is clicked on, the color of that link is indicate that it has been "visited".  So, you might want to have a conversation with someone at your school about this.  They may be using school colors, and that is why links are appearing like this in your course.

I hope this information will be of help to you in some way.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.