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Using Groups in Quizzes

Is there a way or can it be added to use groups in quizzes? For example I want one version of a test for 50 students and a second version (modified) for a second group of 30. I would like to assign test 1 to Group 1 and Test 2 to group 2 with the single entry of group number/name. This would allow me to save the time for manually clicking on 80 student names.

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  1. For a current solution, buddy up with a friendly Canvas admin at your institution to ask whether you could have special sections built in your course for these groups. (I'm an admin at Wharton and have helped instructors in this way when they have a need of this type.)
  2. It would be amazing to have your idea work with New Quizzes and all types of assignments. Consider adding a star rating or comment on this Idea Exchange conversation:
    Assign To By Group For Individual Assignment

I am wondering if it is possible to post an assignment for the class that individual students can manipulate without changing the page for everyone else. I know I was able to do this in Google Classroom and students could turn in their copy for me to view. Does Canvas offer something similar?