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The Training Services Portal is where you can find videos, courses, and pathways that you can embark on to learn more about using Canvas. If your institution offers limited or unlimited subscription (webinars) you will also find a calendar full of live training events on the Training Calendar that you can attend. 


We have recently added additional content to the Training Services Portal. 


New Free Content 

Available to clients that do not have unlimited or limited subscription training:

  • Creating New Quizzes 


New Paid Content 

If your institution has limited or unlimited subscription training: 

  • The Canvas Teacher App 
    • K12 Android
    • HED Android
    • K12 iOS 
    • HED iOS
  • New Quizzes 
  • K12 New Quizzes
  • Canvas + Google Integration (Published 10.5.2020)


At the end of each of our new course offerings, be sure to claim your badge from our badging partner Badgr!


If you have never visited the Training Services Portal, check out this guide about how to access the Training Services Portal.


Happy Learning! 


Updated 10.6.2020

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