Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (April 4- 10, 2023)

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Community Team
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Welcome to the Instructure Community Weekly Highlights blog! Every Monday, we will update you with all the goings-on in the Instructure world from the previous week: community updates, product updates, new blogs to read, and everything else you'll need to know will be here!

Community Updates

Canvas Community Update

Upcoming Instructure Live Events

  • Canvas Klatch – Tue, Apr 11, 2023 04:00 PM MDT
    • This is an office hour, so whoever attends directs the conversation.

Product Updates

Product Blog

The Product Blog newest posts:

Instructure Roadmap

The Instructure Roadmap has been updated.

Feature Updates


Canvas Platform Breaking Changes


See Breaking Changes 

  • Changes are also listed in the relevant change log document


2023-04-15 Release

Screencasts have been published for the following features:

Please see most current release date in the Screencast page.

Release Notes


Updated Deploy Notes

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-04-12)

Changes noted in the Canvas Deploy Archive.


Impact Release Notes (2023-04-04)

See Impact Release Notes page for additional information.



Studio Release Notes (2023-04-03)

See Studio Release Notes page for additional information.


Elevate K-12 Analytics 

Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes (2023-04-04)

See Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes page for additional information.


Canvas Mobile

Canvas Parent 

Canvas Parent Mobile Release Notes (iOS 3.7)