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Welcome to Instructure Live! Here, you are encouraged to join and connect with your peers and host your own live events. You can deepen connections with other Community members and collaborate face-to-face in a variety of virtual events hosted right here in the Instructure Community.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Part 3 in our 3 Part Series on New Quizzes. NOTE: We ran the webinar twice to accommodate our global audience. The content of both recordings is similar.  Session 1:      Session 2:        FAQs: Client Webinar Questions → This document covers all your questions we have received from our three webinars (including this webinar) focused on New Quizzes. It is a growing document as we receive and answer your questions. TIP: Just Ctrl F or Cmd F on your keyboard to search the document.  Still Have Questions?? After reviewing the FAQ document and the resources below, if you have any outstanding questions, please fill out this New Quizzes Questions form. We will answer your questions and add it to your FAQ document above. During the webinars, we highlighted our favorite resources to track New Quizzes' progress  Transparency into Quiz Planning → an overview of our priorities, in order. This is a live look at product’s development planning board and is consistently updated by the Quizzes Product team. Quizzes Comparison Document → compares features available in Classic and New Quiz engines. With the exception of surveys, product hopes to achieve similar Classic Quiz features in New Quizzes. These may not all be met by June of 2024, but is a long-term goal as we continually improve the product over time. Quizzes Transition User Group → to track feature releases and product blog posts specific to New Quizzes. New Quizzes Transition Toolkit → specialized resources to better assist admins, faculty, and end users alike in their transition from old to new quizzes. It includes email templates, checklists, and previous webinars. Here is a video walkthrough of the New Quizzes resources we have listed above. PREVIOUS WEBINARS Webinar 1: New Quizzes: Basics and Timeline: September 2021 In this webinar recording, you will Get a basic understanding of New Quizzes Learn the key differences between Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes Understand the timeline surrounding the sunset of Classic Quizzes and Get best practices on how to use New Quizzes effectively Webinar 2: New Quizzes: Guided Application and Practice: December 2021 In this webinar recording, you will learn about  Migrating from Classic to New Quizzes New Question Types  Resources for Handling Internal Transition  Why Training Matters: Success Stories
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