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InstructureCon 2015 Public Postmortem

tl;dr: This is an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2015! Please post before reading the comments from others. Then feel free to reply to others!

So InstructureCon 2015 came, took our breath away (thanks Olivia), and now it's over. Fortunately the great sessions, ideas, and connections we made, can live on within our Canvas Community and the InstructureCon 2015 community space!

Please be sure to take that survey that our marketing team sends out, so we can make instcon even better next year. That quantitative feedback is invaluable.

In addition we wanted to have an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2015!

Here's some things you might want to talk about: the sessions, the keynotes, the general sessions, the activities, the online schedule, the printed schedule, opportunities to connect, ideas for the community team to improve community interaction and engagement.

Thanks for your help Canvas Community...  We ❤️ you!

Onward and upward!

Please @mention other community friends or use the "Share" tool to encourage others to offer their feedback as well!

talk about a #ff FYI:

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Seth, it seems like you missed the "Speaker Meet & Greet" on Tuesday. Deactivated user​ sent an email about it. It wasn't all that meet-y or greet-y from my perspective, but that's where I picked up my presenter gift and had a chance to make sure my PowerPoint slides had been received and loaded on the laptop.

Wohoo! That's a great way to grow together as a team! Isn't pandemic what life is all about? We all have different skills and strengths. We need to get to know one another's unique abilities and help one another be the best we can be. So... um... we can prevent epidemics from spreading and destroying the world. Right... that's it! Smiley Wink  When you're ready to hear about some other great games, we have a lot of people in the community who can lead you in the right direction for another really fun game to get!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I have to admit that Tuesday's check-in was a bit chaotic, but from Rachel's email I knew I needed to pick up a speaker gift so I made sure to ask around until I found the person handing them out. It was a rechargeable portable phone charger with the Canvas logo on it and very very useful! I charged it that night and used it throughout the conference! Hopefully since you didn't get yours they can send it to you!

I agree. I walked in to a regular meeting room, it looked like nothing was going on, walk back to the help desk, and they directed me back. Some staff were hanging out working on their laptops. I introduced myself, they checked my slides, handed me my presenter gift (very cool), and that was it. Not really a meet and greet per se. The message implied something a bit more involved/formal so somewhat disappointed.


Hi Seth,

You can send email to events@instructure about the missed presenter's gift.



Interesting. I actually made it to the Speaker Meet-and-Greet (which was, as you say, neither meet-y nor greet-y, much like the Holy Roman Empire). After getting a response not entirely unlike "why are you here and why are you bothering me?", I then got no help in looking up which room or when I was presenting, provided my on USB drive to hand off my presentation… and then got the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of there for anywhere that had more windows and more welcome.

Thanks Scott, will do!

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Okay, post first and then read, here we go Smiley Happy

My favorite parts of this year's InstructureCon were the science keynote? general session? Whichever it was, that was unexpectedly awesome. I also loved the increased focus on online only schools (hurray!) because I think they use the tool more extensively and throughly than hybrid or brick and mortar (not that it's not also great to hear from those folks!). I really enjoyed the more general sessions of the breakouts where they discussed specific how-to s rather than generally how that school functions (I was guilty of that as well, which informs my submission ideas for next year!) and I loved getting to meet the K-12 crowd at the meet and greet.

A few things I liked less this year than last- I thought the community pages/random canvas course/where even is the schedule?! was way more confusing this year. Last year I picked out sessions on Event Bright and it told me where they were and when I needed to go to them. This time I felt like I was constantly checking the book or my laptop, vs just glancing at my phone and I didn't make it places as quickly and missed some sessions because they were full by the time I got to them Smiley Happy I feel like some system of deciding ahead of time and then being notified of where things are would be helpful both for us to plan what we should go to and for you guys to have an idea of how big of a room you need for some of these sessions. I think that was attempted with the community pages, but no one knew how to use them and they don't actually help you get there because there are no notifications set up. I think your best bet would be to set up a clear way to make a schedule for yourself (something with notifications!) and THEN plan where to put each session, at least where in the building in terms of room size. I think if you offered some sort of swag or incentive for setting a schedule early most people would take the time to do it.

A silly thing - I loved the cute buttons last year and I think it was smart to pare them down (there were SO many last year) but I wished they would have still said things like last year instead of the band member motif. I feel like that wasn't really developed enough for me to care about what picture was on my button/shirt/etc where the adorable "We can be heros- Friendship" button was on my backpack all year long until I lost it in Charlotte on my flight back home this year Smiley Happy I agree that there should only be a few and they should be redesigned each year, but I would have preferred them to stay relevant to the theme but still keep the cute sayings/pictures Smiley Happy

YES! Especially to the meet and greet, I had to cancel a pre-conference THE WEEK BEFORE and I missed most of the presenter meet and greet because of another pre-conference I'd scheduled months before I knew I was presenting/there was a meet and greet. I would be great to let people know that if they're presenting they need to not plan much else for Tuesday, or let them re-arrange pre-conferences after they find out they're presenting... or something. There has to be something to make this less crazy, my Tuesday just wore me out, lol. Don't do this to me while I'm also jet lagged!

 @Renee_Carney ​,

Sorry to be so long in getting back to your question. I went straight on vacation after the conference and am just getting caught back up. As for thoughts on HACK NIGHT (instcon15)​ & COURSE HACK NIGHT (instcon15)​ being less intimidating, I am not quite sure exactly. One of my favorite things is that it is very open and you can come and go. this allows people to move in and out as the get questions answered. This year I had no "particular" problems that I wanted to try and get solved. So I enjoyed just getting at a table and taking in what others were doing. It did feel a bit weird to eavesdrop on other people's issues. I saw where someone recommend maybe trying to distinguish areas or tables for specific issue types. It was also difficult to know who the "experts"  were as not all the experts work for Canvas. Maybe having some way to know who is there to help answer questions and when they are available. I walked in about 15 minutes after it started and all of the tables on the hack night side were hopping and everyone looked intent on what they were doing so I headed over to the course hack side.

Not sure it this is helpful, but those are my rambling thoughts. Again I was there more to listen and offer my thoughts & perspective if someone wanted them.