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InstructureCon 2015 Public Postmortem

tl;dr: This is an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2015! Please post before reading the comments from others. Then feel free to reply to others!

So InstructureCon 2015 came, took our breath away (thanks Olivia), and now it's over. Fortunately the great sessions, ideas, and connections we made, can live on within our Canvas Community and the InstructureCon 2015 community space!

Please be sure to take that survey that our marketing team sends out, so we can make instcon even better next year. That quantitative feedback is invaluable.

In addition we wanted to have an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2015!

Here's some things you might want to talk about: the sessions, the keynotes, the general sessions, the activities, the online schedule, the printed schedule, opportunities to connect, ideas for the community team to improve community interaction and engagement.

Thanks for your help Canvas Community...  We ❤️ you!

Onward and upward!

Please @mention other community friends or use the "Share" tool to encourage others to offer their feedback as well!

talk about a #ff FYI:

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Of course the central issue here is....



 @ltscal2 ​- I like this suggestion. I actually had people asking me if I was going to use my drink punches because I don't drink. It would have been nice to do something with them.

Learner II

Break-Out Sessions: My biggest issue was the break out sessions room sizes. I know that sometimes its a guess on what will be crowded and what won't, but I really think the Roadmap/State of Union Presentations should be in larger rooms. Those rooms were all overly packed with people crowded into every empty space (floor, corners, doors, etc) and they're like that every year (third year attendee) and they always seem to be in the small rooms.

Meals: My only other issue. The Special Dietary Needs area and the Regular Food Areas. Most of the food was good, but gluten-free doesn't always mean meat free. Lactose intolerance doesn't mean gluten-free.  I think if you clearly label all the foods and then on the back list the ingredients (and maybe even on the front hit the main allergies/intolerance... example contains: diary, soy, and fish)  people can determine what they can and cannot eat especially if they need to go through both areas to make a meal.

I was in line behind a guy with a Nightshade Allergy (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, etc) being able to pickup the label and scan it would probably have been useful for him.

And maybe Box Lunch Day could be Make Your Own Sandwich/Salad Day instead?

Very helpful!  Thank you!!!!

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I enjoyed InstructureCon very much but was disappointed when the workshop descriptions really didn't match the presentations--some not even close. I am a newbie and was very selective when choosing which I would attend. I really needed to bring back lots of info appropriate to my level of experience.

Regarding the venue food: the food was OK but I bet it was expensive for the quality. I appreciated the attempt to always have water handy and snacks at different times. The punch card was a great idea but maybe we could have had some explanation from the outset regarding the card and the book.

Yes, I also found the candy to be an attractive nuisance, but love the ability to interact with the vendors. I much prefer that my vendor interactions be under my own initiative rather than their cold-calls and robot emails.

Learner II

Snacks: As someone who is allergic to chocolate, I really liked 2014's build your own trail mix snack option. Plus, I like (somewhat more) healthy snacks over candy bars.

Amen! This was what I forgot to add to my original comment. Healthier snacks PLEASE! Candy is NOT a motivator and really not what I needed on an already queasy-from-the-altitude tummy.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I think I added everyone who attended or showed interest in the InstCon Uncon, but if I missed you, here's your chance to get in the game EXTRA early this year! Smiley Happy

InstCon Unconference 2016

Community Coach
Community Coach

I am already following. Hope that is all I needed to do.  If not, then let me know, Kona!